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The ValueVet at PETCO offers a variety of veterinary services that keep your pets safe and healthy. Just as in human medicine, the most cost-efficient and health-effective mechanisms for treating illness are early detection and routine prevention. Therefore, it is extreemly important for your pets to receive annual vaccinations and veterinary wellness exams.

Dogs and cats are far from wild animals, and rely heavily upon their owners to keep them healthy. That being said, it is paramount that owners become educated on the diseases and illness the commonly afflict their pets. Below, you will find information on animal immunity, how vaccinations work and why they're important, diseases and symptoms, vaccination protocols, parasite testing and preventative, and much more.


Pet Immunity

Canine Vaccines - What They Do and Why They're Important

Feline Vaccines - What They Do and Why They're Important

Puppy Vaccination and Wellness Protocol

Kitten Vaccination and Wellness Protocol

Adult Dog Vaccination and Wellness Protocol

Adult Cat Vaccination and Wellness Protocol

Parasite Control and Preventative



Free Examination With Any Vaccination!

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